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Career Preparing for Sophomores

The sophomore year is a little early to actively start job searching. However, it is never too early to gain career related work experience. Even finding a part-time job or internship can be quite a challenge. The information below will provide some knowledge on the various types of experiences offered to sophomores at the University of South Carolina. Explanations of each experience and resources for finding great employment opportunities on campus are listed below.


  • Career Center
    • From résumés, to cover letters, interview skills, or internships, the Career Center is there to help! Get started early by creating a Career Center approved résumé and JobMate account TODAY!
  • Pre-professional Advising
    • Get a competitive edge in law school, medical school, or other health-related institutions. 

Types of Job Experience Available in the Sophomore Year
Job Shadow:

  • Generally for undecided students; those ready to start job searching
  • Provides a better understanding of the job responsibilities
  • Develop future job contacts
  • Usually one to five days; not paid
  • Interested students should talk with an advisor in your department or speak with a Career Center counselor


  • Open to all students
  • Develop skills and job contacts for the future
  • Generally a set number of hours per week
  • Interested students should contact the Community Service Program

Part-time Job:

  • Open to all students including those looking for general experience and overall job skills
  • Résumé builder by learning transferable skills
  • Develop job contacts for the future
  • Interested students should create a JobMate account, browse The Daily Gamecock, visit a local business, or speak with a counselor at the Career Center


  • Practical experience in a major-related field and increase your marketability in your job search
  • Opportunity to explore a particular career
  • Earn academic credit
  • Usually one semester or summer requiring a certain number of hours per week
  • Can be paid or unpaid


  • Open to all students with at least 30 credit hours, a 2.5 GPA, and eligibility to work in the United States
  • Strengthen your work related skills and increase exposure to work settings
  • Generally 2 to 3 semesters in length; parallel - class in the morning, co-op in the afternoon; alternating full-time work with coursework
  • Always paid
  • Interested students should start searching three to four months ahead of time