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Student Engagement

University 101 Senior Peer Leaders

Description: University 101 Senior Peer Leaders are members of the University 101 Programs team who support the University 101 Peer Leader Program. Senior Peer Leaders help facilitate the successful transition of new students to the University of South Carolina through their leadership and role modeling for University 101 Peer Leaders. Senior Peer Leaders encourage connections between University 101 Peer Leaders and new students, while contributing to the engagement, satisfaction, and leadership development of peer leaders. 

Recruitment date: January-February

Qualifications: Qualified applicants are students with a minimum 3.0 GPA who have served as University 101 Peer Leaders.

Class Qualification: Senior Peer leaders must have Junior standing or above.

Class Requirements: N/A

Training: Senior Peer Leaders are required to participate in Senior Peer Leader Training in February and August. Both trainings are opportunities for Senior Peer Leaders to explore their role as co-instructors inside the EDLP 520 classroom and beyond. Senior Peer Leaders will also receive professional development throughout the year that they serve. 

Meeting time: Senior Peer Leaders are required to attend all EDLP 520 class meetings and all team meetings.

Time Commitment: Senior Peer Leaders commit to co-instructing an EDLP 520 class, which includes both prep time and in-class instruction. Senior Peer Leaders also commit to attending team meetings and to representing University 101 Programs at various events. Senior Peer leaders commit to an average of 5-10 hours per week.

Contact(s): Tricia Kennedy, tkennedy@sc.edu, 803-777-6709

Social Media Sites:  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/U101peerleaders
Twitter: @u101sc   #u101lead

Website: sc.edu/univ101/peerleaders/team.html

Pay: University 101 Senior Peer Leaders receive a stipend