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Service-Learning Handbook and Faculty Resource Guide

The "Service-Learning Handbook and Faculty Resource Guide" is a useful resource for faculty and instructors at USC. For those who have not been involved in service-learning, this manual provides a comprehensive introduction to the definition, empirical support, and logistics of setting up a service-learning class. Although the information is most appropriate for those new to service-learning, many service-learning veterans can use the information and resources in the manual to either improve their teaching or make it easier to use service-learning in their courses.

Service-Learning Handbook and Faculty Resource Guide (Include link to PDF here)

Community Partner Service-Learning Handbook and Resource Guide

The "Community Partner Service-Learning Handbook and Resource Guide" was created to provide community agencies with a tool to facilitate successful service-learning partnerships and experiences. Service-learning is a unique blend of community engagement and academic coursework and preparation that goes beyond standard service activities. This manual explores some of the defining aspects of service-learning and provides an in-depth overview of key aspects that are important to consider before engaging in service-learning partnerships.

Community Partner Service-Learning Handbook and Resource Guide (Include link to PDF here)

U-Serve Newsletter

U-Serve South Carolina is a bi- weekly electronic newsletter distributed to members of the University of South Carolina Service-Learning Listserv. Each edition includes University service-learning updates and local opportunities, professional development events, and grant and award information. If you would like to receive a copy of this newsletter, please send an email requesting to be added to servicelearning@sc.edu Visit the links below to access information from the past U-Serve editions.

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