Extending Learning Within and Beyond the Classroom

Student Engagement


Honor RollFor years, educators have worked hard to find the right definition of service-learning. The hyphenation of the terms "service" and “learning” strongly suggests a balance between learning outcomes and service goals that can be achieved only through an integration of each.

Service-learning, as a method of teaching and learning, emphasizes hands-on tasks that address real world concerns as a venue for educational growth. The service experience provides a context for testing, observing, or trying out discipline-based theories, concepts, or skills. Likewise, the academic context enriches the service experience by raising questions about real world concerns and providing a forum for probing these concerns in depth.

As part of the Community Engagement pathway for USCConnect service-learning provides students with a meaningful opportunity to integrate their learning. Service-learning prepares students to be full and responsible participants in both their profession and their communities.