Extending Learning Within and Beyond the Classroom

Student Engagement

Student Engagement Planning

Students who fully engage in their academic and social experiences within and beyond the classroom are generally more satisfied and more likely to succeed. By completing a Student Engagement Plan (SEP), students are less likely to graduate with regrets for not taking advantage of, or simply missing, opportunities because they were unaware they existed or didn't plan properly. The Student Engagement Plan is a guide to maximizing student success at USC! It is also a great resource for students to use to map out their USC Connect experiences, www.sc.edu/uscconnect

The Student Engagement Plan:

  • Helps students reflect and make intentional decisions about their involvement on campus
  • Assists in guiding a  conversation
  • Gives a tangible, reflective document students can invest in and continue working towards completion.
  • Can be discussed one-on-one or in a group.
  • Serves a comprehensive overview of what student can do to be successful and
  • Is a four step process:
    1. Self-assessment
    2. Reflection
    3. Goal setting
    4. Making the connections

Making use of the Student Engagement Plan

Why does completing a student engagement plan matter? Well, students who are fully engaged in campus find that the experience can:

  • Support academic success
  • Make college life more fulfilling and fun
  • Help broaden interests
  • Strengthen a résumé
  • Create new career opportunities

Where to find the Student Engagement Plan

Student Engagement Plan

Students can complete the SEP on their own but it is recommended that students meet with someone to get the most of the experience. Students can meet with an ACE Coach, a trusted advisor, an instructor, or a staff member in the Office of Student Engagement. By working with someone who is familiar with campus and also knows how to help students match their interests to their goals, students will be able to maximize the effectiveness of the SEP process.

Want to request an SEP presentation for a group or class? E-mail us at saose@mailbox.sc.edu
Want to set up an ACE appointment? www.sc.edu/success
Want to meet with someone from OSE? E-mail us at saose@mailbox.sc.edu