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Student Engagement

Mutual Expectations Workshops

Mutual Expectations is a program designed to help students and university professors gain a deeper understanding of one another. Structured around a constructive dialogue, Mutual Expectations bridges the gap between the two distinct cohorts. During this opportunity, students, faculty, and staff are provided a forum to voice needs, desires, and expectations. By opening the lines of communication, students and professors are better equipped to develop a more collaborative learning environment.

Past Mutual Expectations Workshops- Notes and Comments

Upcoming Mutual Expectations Workshops

  • 2014-2015 Events
    • MX: Academic Advising. September 24th, 11:45am-1pm, RHUU
    • MX: March 31, 2015. Location TBD
  • Please visit  sc.edu/cte for information on locations and RSVPs

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