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Student Engagement

University Ambassadors


University Ambassadors are a group of highly involved and visible students who are responsible for representing the University of South Carolina by welcoming visitors through the "front door" of campus in the Visitor Center and on campus tours.

Recruitment date:

Recruitment begins in late August and concludes in late September.


University Ambassadors must be in good standing with their academic department, enrolled as a full time student and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.75

Class requirement:



New team members are paired with seasoned ambassadors to mentor them during their first year. To become University Ambassadors, new ambassadors must complete a series of benchmarks designed to build the confidence and knowledge base required to serve in the role. University Ambassadors pride themselves on continuously learning. Weekly training and professional development meetings are designed to continue to build their knowledge and confidence base. Visitor feedback is available for University Ambassadors to self-assess their tour performance, set goals and strive for constant improvement.

Meeting time:

Full organization weekly meetings on Wednesday nights from 7:30-8:30
New University Ambassador weekly meetings Wednesday nights from 6:30-7:30

Time Commitment:

University Ambassadors commit their time to:
Volunteer 3 hours per week at the Visitor Center
Participate in 1 hour of professional development and training at weekly organizational meetings.
Attend seasonal training and retreats in both the spring and fall.
Volunteer for 2 special events per semester (Admissions events & weekend Visitor Center support)


Denise Wellman and Janie Kerzan at 803.777.0169

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Beyond the standard weekly volunteer commitment there are numerous leadership roles and seasonal opportunities to work additional hours for pay.