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Student Engagement

Office of Pre-Professional Advising Ambassadors


OPPA Ambassadors promote the Office of Pre-Professional Advising and all the services it provides to current and prospective Pre-Professional (Pre-Med/Pre-Health and Pre-Law) students. OPPA Ambassadors will represent the OPPA office in both formal and informal ways and, as such, will be required to remain current on issues of note to Pre-Professional students.

Recruitment date:

August-September; Selection is finalized mid-September. All students will be asked to attend 1 interest meeting, at which time they will receive more information about the expectations of the position, fill out a brief application and schedule a 10 minute interview (including prepared 3-minute presentation).


Full-time USC undergraduate student
Minimum GPA of 3.0
Minimum of 15 credits taken at USC Columbia
Pre-Health/Pre-Med or Pre-Law student
Knowledge of OPPA services
Strong oral communication skills

Class requirement:

At least 15 USC Columbia credits completed.


Fall Training Schedule: Training and dinner meeting mid-September
Spring Training Schedule: Training and dinner meeting in January

Meeting time:

Meetings twice a semester on Friday at 3pm. Schedule will be given out at training session.

Time Commitment:
Must make a brief speech to at least 5 academic classes (can vary between 3-30 mins depending on the type of class and the situation; 1 speech= 1 class). Must work 5 OPPA sponsored events or represent OPPA at another engagement (1 hour= 1 event). This may include working the OPPA table at a student org fair, or working the Pre-Med Conference, or introducing a guest speaker for pre-law students at the Professional Meet and Greet. An event could also be speaking at a sorority/ fraternity chapter meeting, making a speech at a different organization’s meeting, (these can be anywhere from 3-30 mins also). Ambassadors will choose events in accordance to their personal schedules.


Laura Suggs, 803.777.5579, suggsla@mailbox.sc.edu

Social Media Sites:

Twitter: @UofSC_OPPA
Facebook: UofSCOPPA