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Green Ambassadors


The group serves as the leaders of the Green Quad Community, managed by the Green Learning Community Graduate Assistant and supported by the Green Quad Assistant Principal. Ambassadors are Green Quad students that are engaged in sustainability and getting their peers excited about it as well. The group allows students the opportunity to gain more direct leadership experience through distinct roles: Chair Ambassador, Marketing Ambassador, Programing Ambassador, Market Research Ambassador, and Community Service Ambassador. Ambassadors promote events to fellow residents and support Hall Government in the implementation of events. Throughout the year, students will be given a variety of professional development and community service opportunities. Ambassadors will give tours, show their rooms, and represent the Green Quad at organizational fairs when perspective students are on campus. Ambassadors will be pushed to step outside of their comfort zone by attending career fairs, doing undergraduate research, and conducting informational interviews to develop professionally.

Recruitment date:

If you're interested in being involved with the Green Ambassadors please contact Dakota Flynn at dvflynn@email.sc.edu.

Green Ambassadors must be Green Quad resident.

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Dakota Flynn
Graduate Assistant for Green Quad

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