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Fraternity and Sorority Life Recruitment Counselors

TA Pi Chi or Recruitment Counselor is a current member of the sorority community who will temporarily leave their chapter behind to help Potential New Members find their new affiliation during Fall 2013 Recruitment. They have no contact with anyone from their chapter from May until recruitment is over. At the end of recruitment, all Pi Chis will reveal the chapters they belong to and rejoin their sisters on Bid Day. These women are trained to assist students who are going through the recruitment process.
Information Session in November and applications due in December to the Fraternity and Sorority Life Office. Upon completion of application, an interview process will happen during the beginning of Spring Semester.
Must be a current sophomore or junior who has participated in Formal Recruitment with their affiliated chapter.
Class Requirements:
Rising junior or senior
There will be 1-2 hour training sessions on Sundays in Spring Semester. Pi Chis will also participate in a weeklong preparation called Spirit Week during the week before Recruitment.
Sundays during Spring Semester
Time Commitment:
1-2 hours per week in the spring, full time during the Recruitment process (last 2-3 weeks in August)
Alex Rodbell, VP of Recruitment Rodbell@email.sc.edu (404) 210-7672