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Fraternity & Sorority Life: Greek Conduct Board


The primary responsibility of the Greek Conduct Board is to resolve organizational violations of the bylaws, rules, and policies of the Fraternity and Sorority Council, the University, and other applicable risk management policies.

Recruitment date:

The process for selecting new members of the Greek Conduct Board begins within a week following the installment of new Fraternity and Sorority Council officers in November and should be completed in no longer than three weeks.


Minimum GPA of 3.0; be in good standing, in terms of both conduct and academics, with the University of South Carolina; must be in good standing with his or her individual fraternity or sorority; must be affiliated with their fraternity/sorority for at least two semesters; must not graduate before the one year term expires; must not be the president of a fraternity/sorority; must not be a member of the Greek Programming Board; with the exception of the Vice President of Conduct for each council who acts as the Vice Presidents of the Greek Conduct Board, the other Greek Conduct Board members may not serve on the executive board of fraternity and sorority council.

Class requirement:



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Meeting time:

The Greek Conduct Board will meet twice a month throughout both the Fall and Spring semesters.

Time Commitment:

All members must attend all training sessions and maintain their commitment to the board throughout their term. This commitment will include obligations beyond simply hearing cases.


Andrew Scheppegrell scheppeg@email.sc.edu

Brady Newell newllbc@email.sc.edu

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