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Campus Recreation: Sport Club Officers

Sports Clubs Officers are responsible for training and informing their respective clubs on the policies and procedures required to maintain a sport club organization with the University of South Carolina. Their responsibilities to their clubs include group management, travel planning, skill training, conflict resolution, and fiscal management.

Clubs nominate and elect their club officers each year.

Must be a member of the club and maintain the minimum GPA required within their academic program.

Class Requirements:

Club Officers undergo Student Org workshops on the semester basis as well as individual club meetings each semester with the Sport Club Director to discuss club responsibilities and requirements.

Meeting time:

Time Commitment:
Sport Club officer time commitments differ from club to club depending on the format of the organization. Some clubs have only the 4 hour practice time commitment, while the larger competition based clubs require several hours a week outside practice time to organize travel, matches, finances, etc. The average sport club officer has approximately 8-12 hours of work per week dedicated to their club.

Any questions related to Sports Clubs at the University of South Carolina can be directed to Aaron Olson, Sports Clubs Director at acolson@mailbox.sc.edu

Social Media Sites:
Twitter: @SC_SportClubs
Facebook: GamecockSportsClubs

Sport Club Officers are not paid for their positions