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Student Engagement

How to use the my.sc.edu system

my.sc.edu stands for Visual Information Processing and is the online portal students use to access and manage just about everything as a student at the University of South Carolina. Once a student’s application materials are received and processed, they will be given access information to my.sc.edu as an official University student. In addition to registering for classes or requesting a final University transcript, incoming students will also use my.sc.edu to apply for housing and sign up for a meal plan.

Many students have trouble logging into my.sc.edu and figuring out their four-digit pin number. The Office of Student Engagement does not have access to pin numbers. For questions about how to log on to my.sc.edu, please contact the Registrar’s office at 803.777.5555. In addition, the University Technology Services (UTS)office can also be helpful, they can be reached at www.uts.sc.edu.

For more information on National Student Exchange and incoming NSE student process, please contact us at 803.777.6731 or via email at nse@sc.edu