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Student Engagement

National Student Exchange Application Timeline

The PRIORITY application to participate in NSE for Summer 2015, Fall 2015, Spring 2016, or any combination of these terms is January 30, 2015.

For students who are still interested in applying to exchange during Spring 2015, there are a few spots left at a number of schools. The final application deadline for this separate time period is October 17, 2014.

Please drop off the COMPLETED application to the Office of Student Engagement (Patterson Hall, Garden Level) and sign up for an interview. Download your application (.pdf)

Selection to be a part of the Outgoing USC NSE cohort exchange is based on eight criteria:

  • Completed Application and Eligibility
  • Interest Essay
  • Résumé
  • Academic Department Approval
  • Recommendations (2)
  • Personal Interview
Academic Departmental Approval

A form in the application packet requires approval from the home academic department (the academic advisor and the academic dean or whoever the dean designates). This paperwork must be completed for the application to be complete. Please note that the Special Enrollment Request Form (SERF) does not need to be turned in until later. Since students generally pick 1-5 schools as a part of the application process, it is confusing to do the SERF form until after the placement decision is final.


The NSE application packet contains two forms to be filled out for recommendations. These do not HAVE to be done by someone who works at USC, but can be a current or former employer, a teacher from high school, or even someone who has supervised the student in a volunteer capacity. Recommendations may NOT be done by family members, close family friends, or friends.


All interested students must submit a resume as a part of their application packet. The requested résumé helps OSE staff understand student involvement and work history, as well student interest. All applicants are strongly encouraged to work with the Career Center in creating or updating a résumé.

Personal Interview

Part of the application process includes a personal interview conducted by OSE staff. The sign-up for the interview schedule is posted in the OSE office and candidates should be sure to schedule an interview when dropping off the application.