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Student Engagement

National Student Exchange Placement Probability

Trying to understand the NSE chart can be a bit tricky. On top of that, each school has their own criteria that they are looking for when it comes to accepting students is on exchange. Here are some basics to help with planning:


The school will take any qualified (2.75 GPA or better) candidate for exchange.


The school will take more students than they are sending out that year. Not an open school, so they will not take everyone, but they will have more than they send out.


The school will take only as many students as they are sending out that year. Does not have to be even with a particular institution, it is even for overall numbers.


The school will only take someone from the University of South Carolina if someone from their institution requests and is accepted for placement at USC.

The best way to learn about this information is to come in and meet with someone in the Office of Student Engagement.