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Student Engagement

FAQ for Interested Students

Do students have to live on campus at the host institution?

Students do not have to live on campus at a host institution unless indicated in the program directory. Very few schools require on-campus living. OSE does recommend it but in some cases it may not even be available. Incoming students to the University of South Carolina are required to live on campus and will be given priority in the Green Quad.

How do semesters and quarter exchanges work?

A University of South Carolina student can exchange to a school on a quarter system for one full year. If a student attempts placement for a single quarter at another institution s/he will fall behind in credit hours and will not have enough to maintain full-time enrollment at the University. There are some variables in this situation though, so it is best to contact OSE.

Will students on exchange continue to get financial aid?

Yes. More often than not, financial aid and scholarships should continue. For specific questions, see interested students should talk to their financial aid counselor.

How many schools does a student need to pick?

The student can pick as many or as few school s/he wishes. However, student(s) need to realize that s/he needs to be willing to accept placement at any of the institutions s/he preferences. Up to 5 choices are recommended on the application and choice card. Bottom line: the best bet is to come in and speak to someone in the Office of Student Engagement to get advice!

Can I do study abroad and NSE?

YES! Students who work with both offices and their academic advisors can easily take advantage of both programs, it just involves a little planning! Do NSE in one semester and then head out for study abroad the next… just take some time and plan it out with our staffs!