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Student Engagement

Things to Consider Before Applying

In order to make an informed decision, interested students will need to do their homework.

  • Read the NSE Directory because there are many requirements contained here that students need to know.
  • Determine eligibility for participating in the National Student Exchange.
  • Figure out two things: A) narrow down a location or school that may be of interest when studying on exchange and learning what schools within the exchange network offer a specific major or a compatible major. Student can do a search by major or by school to begin gathering information. Students may also need to consider course availability and degree progression. At some NSE institutions students may not be able to take courses in certain majors and some courses may not be offered every semester so students should be sure to consult the NSE directory and a host school’s course calendar/master schedule for more information.
  • Students should choose 5 Plan B schools that are of interest. Students do not have to apply to all of them but it helps to have options and to rank them. Some schools have limited space for exchange and students may not always get their first choice.
  • Students should speak with their academic advisor to make sure that the courses at the schools they’re interested in will work towards their degree progression and fulfill requirements of major and school. The student is responsible for contacting the schools they are interested in and their academic departments to acquire syllabi or other materials that will help the student and advisor decide what courses will count for USC credit. Also consult with the OSE staff, about viable options for the potential exchange.
  • Students who are an RA/RM, an Honors College student, or have interests in a French or Spanish immersion experience while on exchange, check out the special exchange options information regarding the National Student Exchange.
  • Come talk to the staff in the Office of Student Engagement! Have a question? Email at nse@sc.edu or visit the office in the Garden Level of Patterson Hall.