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Student Engagement

Incoming NSE Course Requests

Incoming NSE generally register after other students have started the registration process. And it is up to the student to register them self and get into courses. The NSE staff at UofSC can lift advising holds on the student account, but they cannot put someone directly into a course. It is crucial that incoming NSE students get all of their applications and paperwork in on time and early if possible. This is a large university and it takes a fair amount of time for paperwork to make its way through the system. Late paperwork can often delay students being able to register for classes by several weeks!

Math Courses

Any incoming student on NSE who wants to take a math course at USC will need to take the math placement exam. Please take the online exam that can be found here: assess.math.sc.edu

Master Schedule

The Master Schedule on-line lists all course offerings for the calendar year.

  • Go to the Master Schedule online. Select the semester and campus (Columbia) for exchange to get an accurate list of available courses.
  • Students should meet with their advisor at their home institution to determine the appropriate courses to take. This step cannot be overlooked as it will alleviate many problems in the long run. Students should be sure to select twice as many courses as they may desire in the event that they may not get a desired course or section. Approval for all possible courses from the home campus is imperative in case a student needs to select second and third choices. Also, students must know which courses are needed for degree progression because if those courses are not offered at USC, the student will not be able to exchange with to USC.
  • Course footnotes and prerequisites - Click on the course of interest on the master schedule and more details will appear. Students should be sure to pay attention to these because some courses will have prerequisites, major and/or school restrictions listed, which means that YOU will have to ask the academic department for clearance for a student to take the course(s) or they may not be able to take them at all. Students should talk with their advisor at the home institution about these footnotes and prerequisites. PLEASE NOTE: Honors only sections are restricted to Honors College students.
  • Course compatibility - The Office of Student Engagement is not responsible for collecting syllabi or other course materials for determining whether or not a course meets specific academic requirements for a major or degree progression. Those requests must come from the student or the academic advisor directly to the specific academic department at the University where the course is taught. If looking for detailed descriptions, please refer to the Academic Bulletin.
  • Seat availability - Please click on the seat availability for a course to see how many seats are left in a particular course or learn additional information such as if a section has been administratively closed or reached capacity.
  • Please understand that if a course is closed then no student will not be able to register for it.

Course Overload Charges

Students at the USC campus are considered full-time if they have 12 credits, however, a student can take up to 16 credits without additional charges. If a student signs up for more than 16 credit hours they will have to pay an additional $80 per credit hour.

Course Registration Request Form

Once courses approved by the home institution, in the fields below, provide us with a list of first and second course choices. FOR EACH CLASS NSE students must give an alternative course in case the first choice is unavailable (For example, if listing MGMT 371 sect. 003 as the first choice, then also list an alternative course). Check all fields for accuracy to ensure that there are no scheduling conflicts. The more flexibility a student has with their schedule the more likely they are to get the courses that they need and want. Make sure to have approved back-up course selections ready prior to submitting the request. NSE staff will review your requests and advise you on if you will have difficulty requesting a course! You will then register for classes via Self-Service Carolina.

For more information on National Student Exchange and incoming NSE student process, please contact us at 803.777.6731 or via email at nse@sc.edu