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Admission Requirements and Paperwork for Incoming NSE students

Due to the short time period in which NSE decisions are made, there is a very quick turnaround for NSE paperwork. The need to do this paperwork quickly cannot be stressed enough. It is best to get the paperwork in BEFORE the deadline listed. Do not wait to complete this and let us know if there are any questions.

  1. The Placement Acceptance Form (PAF)
    Incoming students should meet with their home campus NSE coordinator and sign the Placement Acceptance Form (PAF). Have your coordinator send us our copy of this via U.S. mail immediately. When you meet with your home coordinator you should receive a packet of information from USC from them that includes all of the paperwork listed below. Complete all the steps in the packet (that are also listed below).

  2. Admissions Application
    There are detailed instructions in your packet you will receive from your Home Campus Coordinator on how to apply online to the admissions office. Please do this immediately and pay the $25 application fee online. Once you have done this please send us an email at nse@sc.edu to let us know you have completed the application. *Please note this process is only for students who have been approved for the NSE program by our office.

  3. Citizenship Verification
    According to South Carolina state law, students must verify their U.S. Citizenship. To do so, please complete this citizenship verification form and submit the form with your application materials. Failure to submit the application in a timely manner will result in delays with your course registration.

  4. Immunization Records
    The university has a number of immunization requirements that all students must honor. For a complete listing of these, please consult this website: University Immunization Requirements.

    An Immunization Record form must be submitted with your application materials. Failure to submit your immunization record by the deadline will result in delays with your course registration. Please submit this form to the Thomson Student Health Center as indicated on the form. This is the ONLY document you will not submit to the Office of Student Engagement

    Send Immunization Records (only) to:
    Thomson Student Health Center
    Immunization Clinic
    1409 Devine Street
    Columbia, SC 29208
    Fax: 803.777.3955

  5. NSEA form and fee
    Also in the incoming packet is a form for the National Student Exchange Association. Please fill this form out and return it along with the NSEA student activity fee. This is the group at all current and former USC NSE students are a member of and plans activities for the group. The fee is $150 for the semester or $300 for the year. The fee is required. Checks or money orders should be made to USC.

  6. Transcripts
    Please send an unofficial copy of your transcript with these materials. Once you have completed the semester before coming to USC, please send us an official copy.

  7. Course Registration
    Course registration requests are due on the same day as these materials. Incoming students can submit these requests through the OSE website, please see the course registration page on the right.

  8. Housing and Dining
    All incoming NSE students are required to live on campus, unless there is a special exception that is granted by the Office of Student Engagement. Exceptions are rare. A meal plan is NOT required. Students can apply for housing and meal plans through my.sc.edu. For more information on this process, please see the Housing page on the right.

    Please send all of the information above to the Office of Student Engagement (with exception to the Immunization form, which should be sent to the Thomson Student Health Center).
    Office of Student Engagement
    NSE- Kimberly Dressler
    Patterson Hall-Garden Level
    1520 Devine Street
    Columbia, SC 29208

  9. Students with Disabilities
    The University of South Carolina provides high-quality services to students with disabilities, and students are encouraged to take advantage of them. Students with disabilities needing accommodations should: (1) Register with and provide documentation to the Office of Student Disability Services in LeConte College Room 112A, and (2) Discuss with the instructor/ staff member the type of academic or physical accommodations you need.

Please do this as soon as possible. It is imperative that incoming NSE students check their email account listed on their application on a daily basis, as OSE will send a number of e-mails that contain crucial information. Additionally, an orientation just for NSE students will be held at the start of each semester. It is a requirement for NSE students to attend the NSE orientation. NSE students SHOULD NOT attend the new or transfer student orientation that is offered over the summer and into August. This is NOT targeted at NSE students.

For more information on National Student Exchange and incoming NSE student process, please contact us at 803.777.6731 or via email at nse@sc.edu