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Incoming NSE Potential Cost

Housing All NSE students who participate at USC are using Plan B, meaning all tuition and mandatory fees are paid to the host campus. There are a number of costs incoming NSE students should be aware of as they begin to plan their budget. Some costs are mandatory, some are optional. The costs listed below are subject to change without notice, and are based on the 2014-15 academic year.

Mandatory Costs
  • Application fee-$25
  • NSE activity fee- $150/semester
  • Technology fee- $200/semester
  • Housing cost- $3,675/ semester or $7,350/ year
  • Additionally, there are approximately $175-$250 that may be listed as housing fees.
Optional Costs
  • Parking- Flat lot permits are $40/semester or $75/year. Garage spaces range from $280-$340/semester. Please visit the Parking Services web site for more information.
  • Meal Plan- $712/semester to $1,422/ semester. Various plans available please see visit Carolina Dining for options.
    • For more information on National Student Exchange and incoming NSE student process, please contact us at 803.777.6731 or via email at nse@sc.edu