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Student Engagement

Information for Outgoing Students on Independent Domestic Study Away Programs

Once a student has been accepted by independent program a number of things must happen very quickly at USC to make the exchange process happen. These steps do not outline any additional paperwork that may be needed by the specific program.

  1. Approval Letter
  2. Please bring a copy of the letter you received from the independent program to the Office of Student Engagement to be kept in your file.

  3. The PAF
  4. In order for the student to accept or reject the placement decision, they need to sign their Placement Acceptance Form (PAF). Once the student knows if they have been accepted or not, they need to contact the Office of Student Engagement to set up an appointment to sign this paperwork.

  5. Pre-Departure orientation
    All outgoing students are required to participate in a Pre-Departure Orientation. The Office of Student Engagement will coordinate with outgoing students to find common times for the orientation.
  6. Special Enrollment Request Form (SERF)
    This will be covered in detail at the Pre-Departure orientation. All outgoing students are required to complete a SERF form once they know what institution they will be attending. They must complete this form with their academic advisor. Once it is complete and signed by the student, advisor and academic dean, the student must give the advisor a copy, OSE a copy, and they should keep a copy for their records. The original form needs to be filed with the Registrar’s office.
  7. Medical Forms and Liability Waivers

    All students are required to complete three forms prior to departure and turn them into the Office of Student Engagement: a medical self assessment form, emergency contact form, and a travel waiver. This will be provided and discussed at length in the pre-departure orientation. The forms can be found here:

  8. Financial Aid
    For students who are receiving financial aid from USC, it is strongly encouraged that they speak with the financial aid office at USC about how or if their aid might change.