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Student Engagement

Application Process for Independent Domestic Study Away programs

Students who chose to apply for an independent domestic study away program will need to go through two application processes. First through the general USC domestic study away process and then through the application process for that particular program. Each program has a timeline that is set to their needs, please contact the Office of Student Engagement to discuss the specific timeline for each program.

Steps to Application
  1. Meet with staff from the Office of Student Engagement to discuss options
  2. Talk with Academic Advisor about potential program of interest
  3. Research potential program
  4. Complete the application as requested by the Independent Domestic Study Away program
  5. Complete USC’s Independent Program Domestic Study Away Application
    1. Completed Application and Eligibility
    2. Academic Department Approval
    3. Personal Interview
    4. Resume
Academic Departmental Approval

A form in the application packet requires approval from the home academic department- the academic advisor and the academic dean (or whoever the dean designates). This paperwork must be completed for the application to be complete. Please note that the Special Enrollment Request Form (SERF) does not need to be turned in until later.


All interested students must submit a résumé as a part of their application packet. The requested résumé helps OSE staff understand student involvement and work history, as well student interest. All applicants are strongly encouraged to work with the Career Center in creating or updating a resume.

Personal Interview

Part of the application process includes a personal interview conducted by OSE staff. The interview schedule is posted in the OSE office and candidates should be sure to schedule an interview when dropping off the application.