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South Quad

Roommate Searches

Students may search for a roommate via VIP's Roommate Resource. Students complete a 14-point questionnaire and browse through profiles previously listed by other students. Please keep in mind that University Housing does not look at these profiles to match roommates with similar interests.

Roommate requests must be mutual. If you find someone you would like to room with via the Roommate Resource you must add them to your application in the preferred roommate section. New incoming students can only prefer one roommate. Current students can request up to three roommates. To request a roommate, you will need the correct spelling of your roommate(s) first and last name, their middle initial and their University email address exactly as it appears on the University VIP website. If in doubt, have your preferred roommate(s) access this information and give it to you.

The first person of each preferred roommate pair/group to apply online will be told that the other(s) has not yet applied. Do not panic. Simply review your application later to make sure your preferred roommate's application (which has you as a preferred roommate) has been submitted.

If you have questions about requesting a roommate, please contact an Assignment Coordinator at 803-777-4283.