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East Quad

Personal Property and Liability Insurance

Personal Property and Liability Insurance is required for all students. University Housing requires that you have a minimum of $5,000 personal property insurance coverage for fire and water damage, theft and vandalism. In addition, if your negligence results in damage to the property of others or to the University, you may be held legally liable for all resulting damages. Therefore, University Housing also requires residents to have a $50,000 liability insurance policy.

GradGuard Renters Insurance

On college campuses, backpacks are often filled with thousands of dollars of electronics and books, and student bicycles and other valuables are often targets for criminals. GradGuard Renters Insurance is a smart investment for college students and their families. With our Renters Insurance plan, any personal items that are stolen or damaged by a covered cause of loss can be replaced, subject to a $100 deductible. This includes clothing, computers/laptops/tablets, smart phones, bikes, game consoles, textbooks, furniture, and more. GradGuard Renters Insurance also protects you financially for unintentional damage to your residence or bodily injury to others for which you are liable.  With low annual rates, GradGuard Renters Insurance is designed for residents that call Carolina Home.

Features of GradGuard Renters Insurance for University of South Carolina students living on-campus include:
Low $100.00 Deductible. Compared to $500, $1000, or more for a typical homeowners insurance policy.

Replacement Cost. If your personal property is stolen or damaged due to a covered peril, it will be replaced with an item of like kind and quality.

Worldwide coverage – Your belongings are protected even outside your home. If you are traveling or your car gets broken into, GradGuard Renters Insurance can help cover property losses outside your residence.

Electronics coverage – Your electronics, including your TV, laptop, smartphone and tablet, are covered up to the policy limits. There is no special limit.

Personal Liability Coverage. If you cause damage to property or injure others, you may be liable for the damages. Renters Insurance from GradGuard provides up to $300,000 in personal liability coverage. For example, if you unintentionally set off your building’s sprinkler system, liability protection can help pay for the resulting damages.

Alternative to Homeowners Insurance. Not all Homeowners Insurance policies are the same. Limitations may apply when property is away from the principal residence. With Renters Insurance, personal belongings are covered whether you are on-campus, off-campus, or traveling anywhere in the world, up to the policy limits.

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Already Have Insurance

Some insurance providers will request the physical address of your student’s residence hall. The addresses of all University of South Carolina undergraduate residence halls are listed below. All addresses are in Columbia, SC 29208. Please remember that USPS, UPS and FedEx will not deliver to our residence halls. Packages and mail should be sent to your student’s USC PO Box.


820 Henderson St. - 820 Henderson Street

Bates House - 1423 Whaley Street

Bates West - 1405 Whaley Street

Capstone - 902 Barnwell Street

Cliff Apartments - 1321 Whaley Street

Columbia Hall - 918 Barnwell Street

East Quad - 1500 Wheat Street

Honors Residence - 1215 Blossom Street

Horseshoe - 902 Sumter Street Access

Maxcy - 1332 Pendleton Street

McBryde A - 1309 Blossom Street

McBryde B - 1311 Blossom Street

McBryde C - 1313 Blossom Street

McBryde F - 611 Marion Street

McBryde G - 613 Marion Street

McClintock - 720 Bull Street

Patterson Hall - 1520 Devine Street

Preston Residential College - 1323 Greene Street

Sims - 1501 Devine Street

South Quad - 500 Sumter Street

South Tower - 614 Bull Street

Thornwell - 1420 Pendleton Street

Wade Hampton - 1528 Greene Street

Green Quad A - 1216 A Wheat Street

Green Quad B - 1216 B Wheat Street

Green Quad C - 1216 C Wheat Street

Woodrow - 1415 Greene Street