Designing Sustainable Communities for Living and Learning

Honors Community

About This Community

The Honors Residence is designed for South Carolina Honors College students to build a close-knit, caring community to support each individual intellectually and academically. Living in the residence offers honors students a rich and rewarding way to access all of the many opportunities that the Honors College offers.

Students Who Call This Community Home

The Honors Hall is designated for students enrolled in the University of South Carolina Honors College. We house approximately 540 residents, including first year students as well as some upper classmen.

Community Mission

Comprised of the Honors Residence Hall and the Historic Horseshoe, the Honors Community provides a unique and scholarly experience to help develop successful students both within and beyond the classroom through encouraging intellectual curiosity, promoting personal wellness, and providing an educational environment that each student can call home.


Unique Community Experiences

Each year, residents look forward to a variety of experiences and traditions, including:

  • Trivia Night
  • Faculty Fellow Lunch Chats
  • Involvement in our three themed communities: Sustainability, Fine Arts, and Health and Wellness.
  • Residents of the Honors Hall Community enjoy the luxury a multitude of common and study spaces, designated classrooms for Honors classes, a dining facility and a coffee shop.

Community Contacts

Anne-Marie Hantman
Residence Life Coordinator

Ed Munn-Sanchez
PhD Senior Associate Dean

Rebecca Sanders
MEd Director of Pre-Medical Advisement

Kay Banks
EdD Clinical Assistant Professor
Academic Advisor – Senior Thesis

Assignment Contact

Eddie Thomson
Assignment Coordinator