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Frequently Asked Questions About Gamecock Cable

What’s the number to call if I have a cable TV problem?

Call 803-777-1800 and be sure to leave your name, which residence hall your are in, your room number and a phone number. Please describe the problem you are having.

What if I have a snowy picture?

Make sure the coax cable between your TV and the wall jack is securely plugged in.

What if the wall jack is broken?

To have your jack repaired, submit a request through FIXX online or report it to 803-777-FIXX (3499) so a technician can come by and repair the jack.

Do I have to be in my room when the cable service guy comes?

Not necessarily as long as you have left complete information with your request.

I don’t have a wire to connect my TV to the wall. What do I do?

A coax cable can be purchased from the University of South Carolina Bookstore or at an electronic retail store.

University of South Carolina does not carry my favorite channel, who do I talk to?

You can email with your request.

I want to run a bulletin board announcement. Who do I contact?

The announcement submission information is located here.

What if I can't get any channels above channel 13?

Make sure your TV input is setup correctly for cable and not off-air. This is usually a menu function on your TV under setup.

How do I know when my favorite show is playing?

Go to local listing page here.