Student Engagement

Academic Integrity Workshop Participant Experiences

One of the sanctions given to students is the Academic Integrity Workshop. This workshop consists of four sessions discussing the importance of the honor code, but also the importance of personal integrity. Students typically find the workshop to be a beneficial experience. Below are just a few students thoughts about the workshop experience.

"The Honor Code may only be a paragraph long, but behind those two very long sentences, comes a lifetime learning experience," Workshop Participant

"In a cocky, arrogant manner, I thought I was above a class like this. I was a 'good' person. Boy, was I wrong. Professionally, I had always held a judgmental attitude to those dishonest where I work, at school and in other areas of my life. But I have a better understanding now that bad decisions are possible by good people, and hopefully I will have a more forgiving attitude in the future towards the transgressions of others," Workshop Participant